One of the VEGAS team’s major strengths is their experience with and understanding of the conceptual design function of the industry. VEGAS is the ideal partner for members of the design community. Their team has the ability to look at a design with appreciation of a designer’s intent, as well as the production knowledge needed to identify the best materials and fabrication techniques required to bring the artist’s concept to life.

The VEGAS team will take the project from concept all the way through to final fabrication and installation. They have spent decades developing strong business relationships with sub-contractor networks for all related trades. Offering the personalized and professional service that only a team as lean and fast as the VEGAS team can, they act as a single point-of-responsibility contact all the way through to project completion.

VEGAS offers clients complete flexibility. Whether working with a pre-existing design, accommodating a client’s need for one, or partnering with a design firm on a design-build project, they are passionate about developing elements that help to create unique and exciting environments.

FCRT is thrilled with what VEGAS was able to do for us. We would highly recommend your organization to anyone who asks.

Fred Phillips, President, Friends of the Clinton River Trail

How do I get there?

From individual arrow signs to full informative map overviews, give your audience the whole lay of the land. Exploiting the project design language VEGAS can help you move people and vehicles around your office, campus, trail system or city with ease and style.

The Efficient Path

VEGAS can help your team develop the most effective and efficient wayfinding plan to increase utilization and reduce overall signage count. Digital wayfinding is the next evolution.


With the skills to combine form and function – wayfinding with style. VEGAS is your team.